Single Cell expression Visualization is a tool to analyze high throughput quantitative PCR data. It allows you to import multiple PCR expression datasets (e.g. from the Biomark Fluidigm platform) together with surface marker expression values obtained during index sorting. SCexV allows these two data types to be integrated and visualized simultaneously.

You can download the Perl source or our CentOS 6.5 based VirtualBox application image to set up your own installation of the SCexV tool (root pw 'SCexV_server').


TemplateToWeb is a tool to create none interactive html pages like this page. The tool is based on Perl::Templates to create static HTML pages based on a template system thereby combining code re-usability and simplicity. The web server does not need any scripting support to be able to present the resulting HTML.

TemplateToWeb does explicitly not support forms in any case. Download the source.

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