Shamit Soneji (Group leader)

Is the leader of the group and works on various aspects of hematopoiesis with a focus on integrating high-throughput data from different technology types.

Stefan Lang (Postdoc)

Works on various types of NGS data, and aspects of single-cell PCR analysis exemplified by the SCexV server.


We also host bioinformaticians from other groups in the Stem Cell Center to increase and promote an active bioinformatics environment. We currently enjoy the company of:

Sofia Adolfsson (Postdoc)

Works with NGS data with a focus on variant calling.

Sofia is a member of the David Bryder group.

Per Ludvik Brattås (Research assistant)

Studies the role of ncRNA in neuronal stem cells.

Per Ludvik is a member of the Molecular Neurogenetics Jakobsson group.

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